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Our team was tasked with providing an intuitive system to control all white and colour lighting in the refurbished public areas and fountain of the iconic Irish Life offices.

Our Work at Irish Life


Project Description

The systems chosen needed to be fully automated, allowing a yearly schedule of lighting scenes and dynamic lighting shows.

The main control equipment was to be located in a basement plant room with integration to the building’s overall building management system for override by the 24/7 security team.

Given this project’s mix of fixed output white and dynamic colour change lighting, we chose to use a combination of Signify Philips Dynalite for fixed lighting and Pharos Architectural Controls for colour change lighting.


Signify Philips Dynalite

Dynalite develops complex, dependable, and energy-efficient lighting control systems for homes, businesses, hotels, stadiums, retail outlets, and other settings.

The Dynalite product line contains all necessary components, including sensors, load controllers, user interfaces, and luminaires, to guarantee flawless integration.

To increase ROI, productivity, and user comfort, it combines powerful functionality with aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly lighting control.


Pharos Architectural Controls

Pharos Architectural Controls creates highly versatile, dynamic lighting control solutions for architecture, themed entertainment, and other specialist industries.

The Pharos dynamic lighting control solution that we install on client projects can be used for everything from simple indoor lighting installation to city-wide facade illumination.

The user-friendly and adaptable controls of Pharos enable us to meet the requirements of high-end projects such as Irish Life.


Project Delivery

We designed a fully integrated system and provided the electrical contractors CJ Ryder Lawlor with all the products and information needed to successfully deliver the controls portion of the project.

A custom system enclosure was built off-site in our workshop and then delivered to the site for installation by the contractors.

Following the initial test and setup of the lighting and control equipment, our commissioning engineers worked closely with the lighting designer and client to deliver a fully automated system that not only meets but exceeds the client’s requirements.

The final product offers the client a fully dynamic feature lighting system capable of producing a different lighting show for every day of the week.


If you would like to know more about our work or the systems used on the Irish Life Centre, contact our team today.

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