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University Hospital Waterford

University Hospital Waterford

University Hospital Waterford

Eclipse is currently completing a major emergency lighting installation and maintenance project at University Hospital Waterford.

Our Work at University Hospital Waterford

University Hospital Waterford is a highly significant project for the Eclipse team as it is our first time installing the state-of-the-art ABB Central Power Emergency Lighting Systems.

We are incredibly proud to be able to provide our clients with the latest in emergency lighting technology courtesy of our strong partnerships with established brands such as ABB.


Project Description

In August 2022, the Eclipse team completed the commissioning and testing of the first of two ABB EMEX Power and EMEX Test automatic testing emergency lighting systems in University Hospital Waterford.

The first system will provide critical backup power to the lighting system in the new Cardiac Cath Lab.

The soon-to-be-completed second system will provide backup power to the hospital’s new Cataract Theatre.

These two systems form part of the overall electrical installation being completed by Cross Electrical.



The ABB EMEX Power is a modular AC/AC central power supply system used to provide first-rate emergency lighting and backup power solutions.

A robust and extremely reliable system, the high-quality electronics it employs ensures hassle-free maintenance and industry-leading performance.

Users can expect to benefit from running costs thanks to the system’s reliability and excellent energy efficiency.



The EMEX Test by ABB is a comprehensive testing solution for the central emergency lighting system.

The EMEX Test provides the end-user with a number of specialist capabilities:

  • Automated, regular testing of the power source for your emergency lighting system
  • Full access to test reports, both locally and remotely
  • Industry-leading testing procedure, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency


Emergency Lighting

In order to save lives, it is crucial that an emergency lighting system is properly designed and implemented.

For instance, in the event of an emergency and normal power failing, they provide the illumination necessary to ensure that the building is safely evacuated.

Crucially, in a hospital setting these systems can keep vital machines running during emergencies or power failures courtesy of their backup power solutions.


If you would like to know more about emergency lighting and the type of system that would suit your business, contact our team today.