The New ABB Movion® Range

At Eclipse, we are proud to partner with leading manufacturers such as ABB and bring our clients exciting new product ranges such as the ABB Movion® Range. 

Emergency Lighting

Partnerships with manufacturers such as ABB enable us to supply our customers with the latest and best technology that our industry has to offer.

Therefore, we are incredibly excited by the introduction of the new ABB Movion® Range


ABB Movion® Range

The new ABB Movion® range of emergency lighting will help to ensure that your commercial building is as safe as possible.

This product range is incredibly easy to install and maintain and comes with a wide range of smart features that make it extremely versatile and cost-efficient.

Here are just some of the advantages!

ABB Movion


Remote Testing

The new ABB Movion® Range will offer remote testing capabilities as standard.

This will see regular in-person maintenance procedures become a thing of the past.

Maintenance is far less disruptive courtesy of remote testing and monitoring capabilities, a wireless control system, and rapid and accurate fault detection.


Versatile Hybrid Luminaire

ABB Movion® provides an innovative, integrated hybrid emergency lighting luminaire that combines lighting with escape route signalling.

The Movion® Flexible Mounting System also offers greater design flexibility, allowing you to choose from:

  • Surface Mounted Ceiling
  • Surface Mounted Wall
  • Recess Mounted Ceiling


Smart Features

As the future of emergency lighting and emergency lighting testing, ABB Movion® comes with a host of smart features as standard.

Such features include a loop-in, loop-out system that enables us to install parallel connections.

The battery can also be replaced quickly and easily thanks to a quick-lock assembly.

Lastly, the safe evacuation of your building is ensured by Movion®’s phenomenal lighting distribution and visibility.



The Movion® Range comes with a range of features that ensure long-term cost efficiency.

Its all-in-one capabilities reduces the number of luminaries required for any project. For instance, the Movion Hybrid requires just two luminaries.

Users can also expect to benefit from a longer lifecycle, lower maintenance, and much improved energy efficiency.

ABB Movion


Naveo®Pro Wired

One of the most exciting products to come out of the new ABB Movion® Range is the Naveo®Pro Wired.

Naveo®Pro is a transparent and proactive way to install, monitor, and maintain an emergency lighting system with your mobile device.

Here’s a quick overview of this intuitive system:

  • Compatible with a wide range of emergency lighting luminaires
  • Mobile app to manage installation
  • Quick and easy installation and programming of luminaries
  • Direct logging on-site via mobile app
  • Uncompromised cyber security and data integration with ABB Ability™
  • Optimises the safety of building users and visitors

If you would like to know more about the Naveo®Pro Wired or the entire ABB Movion® Range, contact us today!