Lighting Services

Building Automation and Lighting Services

Design, supply, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance of all your lighting and building automation system requirements.

From office buildings to bridges, we have lit them all. Eclipse has provided specialist lighting to some of the most prominent buildings and public spaces in Ireland, the UK, and beyond. We provide everything from design, supply, commissioning, and project management to final client handover and ongoing maintenance.

Specialist Lighting Services

Bio-adaptive lighting enhances the wellbeing of a building’s occupants. By controlling light intensity and light temperature you can energise staff and support their wellbeing.

At Eclipse, we are also major advocates for LED lighting and are passionate about helping companies improve their building environment and efficiency through the employment of smart LED lighting and lighting control systems.

We specialise in automated lighting systems, dynamic lighting scenes, intuitive control systems, emergency lighting, and emergency lighting test systems.

Interact Office

Building Automation

The integration of advanced technology into the management of a building’s mechanical and electrical systems is known as building automation.

This technology plays a crucial role in modern building design and management as it enhances energy efficiency, improves the quality of indoor air, increases safety measures, and ensures compliance.

Our building automation services include the design, supply, commission, and maintenance of:

  • Cloud-based lighting controls
  • Energy management systems
  • Interact Management Software
  • Full graphical front-end software
  • Light sensors

Why Work With Us


Sustainability is the central focus of every Eclipse project.

Looking to optimise technology, we aim to provide economic, environmental, and social benefits as much as possible on every project.

Through the use of integrated technologies we provide the following solutions:

  • Energy efficiency and connected lighting
  • Energy-saving solutions
  • Connected lighting solutions
  • Integrated building management solutions
  • Ongoing management and consultation on systems and solutions
Our People
Lighting Experts

Return on Investment

A case study conducted by the SEAI on Sligo Park Hotel revealed that the hotel made 187,000 kWh of energy savings in one year following a full LED lighting upgrade.

In the long run, these sorts of energy savings equate to significant cost savings. Thus, the potential for return on investment is extremely high.



With the likes of the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement and the targets of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, businesses can expect to encounter more strict regulations, particularly as we move closer to the aforementioned target year.

By investing in our energy efficient solutions now, companies can get ahead of the curve and begin working towards compliance with the likes of the EU Taxonomy regulation.

Future Proofing

There is no escaping this decade’s energy crisis that is not only gripping Europe but the entire planet. Businesses should begin taking steps to help protect themselves from such uncertainty and potential future crises.

Investment in energy efficient upgrades such as energy management systems and renewable integrations such as Solar PV will help organisations to achieve long-term cost savings and will provide them with a greater level of energy independence.


Confidence and Trust

We work with industry-leading manufacturers and electrical contractors to ensure that any system we commission not only meets but exceeds client expectations. Additionally, our ongoing maintenance service allows us to protect the client’s initial investment.

Our Services

Project Management

Our Services


The first step in any project we undertake is to carry out a detailed design process in conjunction with our client’s vision and budget.

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As a trusted partner to industry-leading lighting, control system, and building automation brands, we ensure the supply of the right product for the right project, on time and within budget.

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We work with industry-leading manufacturers and electrical contractors to ensure that any system we commission not only meets but exceeds client expectations. 

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Project Management

As your lighting and building automation partner, Eclipse will manage your project from start to finish, using our vast expertise and experience to ensure every requirement is fulfilled. 

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Our In-house workshop is staffed by fully qualified electricians who meticulously build and test control panels, cabinets, and lighting assemblies before shipping.

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At Eclipse, we offer ongoing service and maintenance of all lighting and control systems. 

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