Transformative New Branding for Transformative Lighting Experts, Eclipse

September 2022 – We are ecstatic to introduce our new branding and website!

New Branding

Launching at this year’s ELECTEX Trade Event in Dublin, we are delighted to now have a brand and website that can support our accelerated growth and expansion into new and exciting markets.


About Eclipse

Founded in 2015,  Eclipse has evolved into a company that designs, supplies, commissions and maintains lighting and building management systems across all sectors ranging from retail and hospitality through to industrial and commercial.

Acting as a Signify value-added partner, and an ABB reseller partner, while also working with a range of other lighting and automation partners, has enabled us to deliver a wide range of project solutions to our clients worldwide.

We are a proud team of lighting and building automation experts, matching best-fit technologies to your project requirements.


About Us


About the New Brand and Website

While we are retaining the Eclipse name, our entire look and feel have changed.

Having established ourselves as building automation and lighting experts, it was quickly becoming apparent that our old branding no longer represented the quality of service our team provides.

With design being imperative to everything we do at Eclipse, it is crucial that we also look the part and maintain a brand that our team, partners, and clients are proud to attach their names to.

Once more, with demand for our services continuing to grow rapidly, we knew we needed a website that would provide the level of clarity and functionality required to appease our client base and support our accelerated growth.

We would like to express our immense gratitude to the team at Vitamin who did an incredible job bringing our new brand identity to life and who built us a bespoke website that more than effectively communicates our wide range of products and services.


Eclipse New Brand


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