Emergency Lighting Testing

In order to save lives and ensure compliance, it is crucial that an emergency lighting system is properly designed, implemented, tested, and maintained.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Maintaining Emergency Lighting

Maintaining and testing emergency lighting is an important aspect of ensuring that the system is working properly and that occupants can safely evacuate the building in the event of an emergency.

Regular maintenance of emergency lighting systems includes tasks such as checking that the lights are working properly, replacing any burnt-out bulbs or batteries, and cleaning the lights and lenses.

It is also important to ensure that the emergency lights are not blocked by debris or other objects.


Emergency Lighting Testing

Testing emergency lighting includes checking that the lights turn on automatically when the power goes out, that they remain on for the required period of time, and that they are providing the required level of illumination.

It also includes checking that the battery backup systems are working properly and that the lights are properly connected to the building’s electrical system.

As a trusted reseller partner for ABB, Eclipse can commission and supply its complete portfolio of specialist emergency lighting testing brands, including the ABB EMEX range.



The ABB EMEX Power is a modular AC/AC central power supply system used to provide first-rate emergency lighting and backup power solutions.

A robust and extremely reliable system, the high-quality electronics it employs ensures hassle-free maintenance and industry-leading performance.

Users can expect to benefit from running costs thanks to the system’s reliability and excellent energy efficiency.


The EMEX Test by ABB is a comprehensive testing solution for the central emergency lighting system.

The EMEX Test provides the end-user with a number of specialist capabilities:

  • Automated, regular testing of the power source for your emergency lighting system
  • Full access to test reports, both locally and remotely
  • Industry-leading testing procedure, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
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Emergency Lighting

In order to save lives, it is crucial that an emergency lighting system is properly designed and implemented. For instance, in the event of an emergency and normal power failing, they provide the illumination necessary to ensure that the building is safely evacuated.

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