Integration Modules

A range of interfaces and gateways known as integration modules allow the amalgamation of lighting and HVAC systems and Building Management System (BMS) software and web-based control panels.

Integration Modules

What are Integration Modules?

Integration modules facilitate the control and management of a lighting control system by external, third-party systems. They use web services to easily integrate numerous facilities such as lighting and HVAC, thereby progressing overall building management.

They are also referred to as gateway devices since they combine the functionality of several building utilities into a single integrated solution, allowing seamless communication between all facilities.


Gateway Devices

As Irish distribution partners to Signify, Dynalite, Pharos, and many more leading brands, we have the privilege of specifying, commissioning, and supplying best-in-class integration devices to suit every client’s requirement.

For instance, we supply the Philips Dynalite range of integration modules which includes the RS-232 Network Gateway, the KNX Network Gateway, and the JACE Tridium BACnet Gateway.

Integration Modules

RS-232 Network Gateway

The Dynalite RS-232 Network Gateway is a cost-effective method of facilitating third-party system integration with accessible, multi-function internal controls.


KNX Network Gateway

The KNX Network Gateway uses the KNX protocol to communicate with and perfectly integrate the Dynalite control system with the Building Management System (BMS).

JACE Tridium BACnet Gateway

With the BACnet Gateway, any BACnet-enabled building management system (BMS) can achieve high or full integration with a Dynalite control system. This centralises control of a building’s facilities such as lighting to the BMS user interface.

Energy Efficiency and User Experience

The ability to integrate any device or system and control them from one, centralised web-based user interface offers many opportunities to the facilities manager.

By applying smart automation to building functions and monitoring performance using the likes of sensors, integration modules can drastically improve operations.

Monitoring and managing a building’s performance in this manner not only improves its efficiency but also maintains a comfortable environment for its occupants.

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