Lighting Control Modules

Many facilities or building managers are turning to building and lighting control modules to better manage their lighting and energy usage.

Lighting Control Modules

What are Lighting Control Modules?

Lighting control modules are a centralised lighting automation system that offers a single point for managing all of a building’s lighting systems.

They are the single control hub for all elements of a lighting system including light fixtures, PIR sensors, and dimming systems.

At Eclipse, our control modules allow a specific type of control for each circuit including simple on/off controls, dimming, fan control, and blind/screen control.


Philips Dynalite Lighting Controls

We are value-added partners for the Philips Dynalite lighting controls range allowing us to supply our clients with the latest, groundbreaking technologies, including the popular relay controllers portfolio.


Relay Controllers

Client specificity is a crucial element of the Eclipse offering. Relay controllers by Philips Dynalite offer incredible versatility with their vast range of circuit numbers and sizes and ability to operate in isolation or integrate into an existing system. They offer the flexibility needed to meet any client’s specifications.

Lighting Control Modules

Energy and Cost Efficiency at your Control

The biggest upside to lighting control modules is that they facilitate notable energy and cost savings.

Whether it be motion sensors ensuring lights are only active when occupancy is detected or timing schedules eliminating unnecessary lighting use, the functionalities of these control modules will pay dividends in the form of lower energy bills.

Once more, many of these systems come equipped with remote maintenance technology. They automatically detect faults in the lighting system and alert the facilities manager. This can save time and money on maintenance.

Our Product Range

Lighting Control

The modular lighting control products we supply allow granular control of complex lighting and building automation systems.

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