Philips Lighting Solutions

We provide high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products such as the Philips Lighting Solutions range. This includes low-cost LED lamps and luminaires from the leading global brand in professional lighting.

Philips Lighting

Philips Lighting Product Range

Licensed by Signify, Philips is the global leader in connected lighting.

They supply a vast range of lighting products and applications, with something to suit every project and environment.

Eclipse is a reseller partner for the Philips Lighting range of indoor luminaires, outdoor luminaires, LED lamps and tubes, and conventional lamps and tubes.


Indoor and Outdoor Luminaires

The Philips portfolio of indoor luminaires is incredibly versatile and capable of providing attractive, reliable solutions for a whole manner of commercial lighting needs.

Philips is also a leading manufacturer of outdoor LED lighting products. From architectural floodlighting to urban street lamps, Philips has an outdoor solution to suit any industrial lighting application.


LED Lamps and Tubes

LED tubes, spots, and bulbs from Philips offer greater energy efficiency and environmental performance and can help you to create a much more pleasant workplace or retail environment.

Conventional Lamps and Tubes

Should a non-LED product be required, more conventional lamps and tubes from Philips are available. These include halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps.

Ultra-Efficient Solutions

When it comes to our solutions, integration is hugely important.

The ability to combine smart lighting products and have them interconnect and communicate through intuitive controls and building management software enables our clients to take back control over their energy usage.

Once more, the products we supply offer unmatched levels of efficiency.

For instance, the latest Philips LED A-class bulb consumes 60% less energy than a standard Philips LED and is packed with a 100,000-hour lifespan.

This MASTER LEDtube can:

Save a small business with 100 fluorescent tubes no less than €13,661 per year

Philips Lighting
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High-impact lighting makes a stunning difference to landmarks, commercial buildings and atriums. We specify and supply a vast range of durable, high efficiency indoor and outdoor lighting components to suit all sizes and applications.

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