Eclipse has recently expanded its portfolio to include lighting and energy-saving upgrades for private residences.


Home Energy Management

With energy supplies dwindling and prices continuing to rise, coupled with a growing need for each of us to reduce our environmental impact, more and more people are seeking ways to take back control of their home’s energy usage.

Eclipse has extended our expertise into areas such as heating and HVAC control, window shading control, and BacNet integration to building management systems to help private residential clients achieve greater energy-efficiency.

We also design and build lighting controls and easy-to-use custom-built lighting control panels for residential clients.


Our Experience

We have completed many high-profile residential projects across Ireland and the UK, working to ensure that our clients are equipped with safe and efficient lighting, emergency lighting, control systems, and other energy management solutions.

We complete all of our residential projects with the most current industry-leading products.

Eclipse is a Signify Philips Dynalite Authorised Dimension Dealer, installing Dynalite control systems in numerous residences in Cork, Louth, and Dublin.