Eclipse is helping retail stores to achieve greater energy efficiency through energy-saving and lighting control solutions.


Energy Saving Retail Lighting

More and more businesses in the retail space are looking for ways to be more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.

By designing and supplying energy-efficient LED lighting and smart lighting control and building management systems, Eclipse can help you gain control over your retail store’s energy usage.

We can supply the latest:

  • Ultra-efficient LED tubes
  • Sensors and IoT devices that provide detailed data on energy usage
  • Automated building controls that are optimised to run at the most efficient level possible

Additionally, smart LED lighting can enhance the customer experience.

For instance, many smart LED lighting solutions can mimic the pattern of natural light over the course of the day. This is extremely beneficial to a building’s occupants as lighting is said to directly affect the body’s circadian rhythm.


Our Experience

We have completed many high-profile projects in retail stores across Ireland, the UK, and Europe, working to ensure that they are equipped with safe and efficient lighting, emergency lighting, and control systems.

We complete all of our retail projects with the most current industry-leading products.

Our retail portfolio to date includes:

  • Decathlon
  • Supervalu
  • An Post
  • Shannon Heritage
  • Lexus