Why swap out your Philips Lightmaster System?

Lightmaster System

What is a Phillips Lightmaster system?

The Philips LightMaster system is a lighting control system, designed to provide advanced and customisable control over lighting networks in commercial buildings, offices, hotels, and retail spaces.

Allowing users to easily adjust and manage the lighting parameters of a space,  offering flexibility in creating different lighting scenes to suit specific needs or events. Users can control the system either through dedicated control panels or using a mobile app.

Overall, the Philips LightMaster system provides a comprehensive and intelligent lighting control solution for creating comfortable and visually appealing environments while optimising energy consumption.

Why swap out your LightMaster system?

The LightMaster System was an excellent system when it was launched in 2008, providing excellent functionality over the years.

In 2021 Philips ceased production/support of the LightMaster System, and replaced it with the Philips Dynalite Lighting Control System.

There may be a number of reasons why it may be necessary for you to consider an upgrade to a newer system that offer improved features, compatibility, and support. Here are a number of reasons you may be considering an upgrade:


  • Outdated Technology: The Philips LightMaster system may have become outdated over time, with newer and more advanced lighting systems available in the market.


  • Cost Efficiency: Newer lighting systems may offer better energy efficiency and cost savings in the long run, making them a more appealing alternative to the LightMaster system.


  • Improved Functionality: The replacement system might offer enhanced features and functionalities that can contribute to better lighting management and control.


  • Better Compatibility: The new system could be more compatible with other smart home devices and integration options, allowing for a more seamless and interconnected lighting experience.


  • Maintenance and Support: If the LightMaster system is facing issues with maintenance or lack of support from the manufacturer, it may be more practical to replace it with a more supported and reliable alternative.


  • Design and Aesthetics: The replacement system might offer more modern and aesthetically pleasing design options that can enhance the overall interior or exterior lighting ambiance.


  • Integration with Smart Home Technology: Upgrading to a new lighting system could allow for better integration with other smart home technologies, enabling users to control their lighting through voice commands or smartphone apps.


  • Improvements in Lighting Quality: The new system may offer better lighting quality, such as improved colour rendering, brightness levels, or customizable lighting presets, enhancing the overall lighting experience.


  • Safety and Security: The replacement system might offer additional safety features, such as motion sensors or remote monitoring capabilities, increasing security and peace of mind.


  • Long-Term Viability: If the LightMaster system is no longer actively supported or its components are difficult to find or replace, it may be more sensible to transition to a new and more sustainable lighting system.

Ultimately, the decision to swap out your Philips LightMaster system depends on your specific circumstances, requirements, and preferences. Eclipse would recommend a full system analysis and  site survey to match the correct technology to your system and user requirements.


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