Lighting Control Panels

We specialise in designing and building complex complete lighting control panels and automation panels, cabinets, and assemblies in-house for streamlined installation and commissioning on-site.

Lighting Control Panels

What are Lighting Control Panels?

Lighting control panels are a centralised point for controlling a variety of different lighting system components.

They offer a range of functions such as setting individual light programmes and can be configured and customised to suit every client’s requirements.

They are an essential component in efficient lighting control, communicating messages, and distributing power across a building’s entire lighting system.


Design & Build Process

Often we are met with the intricate challenge of short lead times.

Our in-house design and build process allow us to cater to a short turn-around while still ensuring to deliver optimum quality.

Control panels, cabinets, and lighting assemblies are meticulously constructed and tested before shipment at our in-house workshop by our expert team of electricians.

With this strategy, we are given complete transparency and control over system quality, helping us to meet complex client needs and quick response times.

Ongoing Maintenance

At Eclipse, we offer ongoing service and maintenance of all lighting control panels and control systems.

This allows us to protect the client’s initial investment by helping the system to continue to operate at its full potential. As a result, the client continues to benefit from maximum user experience and energy efficiency.

WeWork Ireland & Germany

For example, on our project at WeWork offices in Ireland and Germany, our team was met with a very short lead time.

We facilitated quick and easy installation by pre-commissioning all equipment off-site and providing detailed wiring schematics before delivering all equipment in pre-wired system enclosures.

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The modular lighting control products we supply allow granular control of complex lighting and building automation systems.

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