WeWork Ireland & Germany

Office Fitout
Ireland, Germany

WeWork Ireland & Germany

Our project with WeWork involved the provision of a cost-efficient control system that can be easily managed by multiple users and offers energy savings in line with the client’s vision.

These systems were required for multiple WeWork sites across Ireland and Germany.

Our Work at WeWork Europe


Project Description

Given the nature of the shared working spaces that WeWork provides and the vast array of businesses and people using their offices, the system that we designed has to offer the utmost reliability, functionality, and ease-of-use.

With the above requirements and cost in mind, we chose a mix of Signify Philips Dynalite network controls for the meeting rooms and common areas. Its scene-setting capabilities made Dynalite the perfect system for these areas.

In areas that only required occupancy control, such as the open plan and cellular offices, Philips OccuSwitch Standalone PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensors were commissioned.


Signify Philips Dynalite

Dynalite develops complex, dependable, and energy-efficient lighting control systems for homes, businesses, hotels, stadiums, retail outlets, and other settings.

The Dynalite product line contains all necessary components, including sensors, load controllers, user interfaces, and luminaires, to guarantee flawless integration.

To increase ROI, productivity, and user comfort, it combines powerful functionality with aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly lighting control.


Project Delivery

A significant challenge associated with this project was the very short turn around from the initial strip out of equipment to the final handover and occupation.

To overcome this challenge, the Eclipse team delivered all equipment in pre-wired system enclosures. We also pre-commissioned all of the equipment off-site and supplied detailed wiring schematics. This enabled the electrical contractor to carry out the installation on a wire by numbers basis.

The final product delivered is a highly functional and cost-effective system that is also incredibly user-friendly. It offers high levels of comfort for the building occupants while also allowing maximum energy savings for the client.


If you would like to know more about our work or the systems used on the WeWork project, contact our team today.