Motel One Dublin

Motel One Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Motel One Dublin

The Eclipse team was asked to provide a full lighting control system at Motel One Dublin.

Our Work at Motel One Dublin


Project Description

Motel One Dublin required a full lighting control system to integrate with the building’s energy management system.

For this project, the technology chosen included a DALI control system, Relay and Trailing Edge dimming, RS485 user interfaces, and RS232 AV integration.


DALI Control System

Building lighting applications employ the two-way DALI protocol for communication between lighting control devices such as electronic ballasts, brightness sensors, and motion detectors.


Project Delivery

We commissioned a system that provides fully automated lighting scenes throughout the day.

The system also controls all of the lighting in the lift lobbies and on the accommodation floors to provide maximum energy efficiency.

The final system will be fully integrated with the building’s energy management system.


If you would like to know more about our work or the systems used on the Motel One Dublin project, contact our team today.