Capita, Clonakilty Cork

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Clonakilty Cork

Capita, Clonakilty Cork

Capita Customer Solutions is an established leader in the business process outsourcing market with multiple clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our Work at Capita


Project Description

The Eclipse team recently returned to the Capita offices at West Cork Business & Technology Park in Clonakilty, Cork to perform essential maintenance and repair work to the Light Master Lighting Control System.

This is an old system that we installed a number of years ago and return regularly to ensure it is performing to the highest functionality for the client.

Here is a bit more information about the system and how it works.


Light Master Lighting Control System

A number of lighting system inputs and outputs, including switching, dimming, automation, and scene setting, can be managed by a Light Master Lighting Control System from a single point of control.


The Importance of Maintenance

The service and maintenance of any control system are paramount to ensuring it maintains its effectiveness and efficiency and to gaining maximum energy savings from your building control system.

In fact, a lack of ongoing service and maintenance is the biggest mistake we see companies make with their lighting and management systems.

At Eclipse, we offer ongoing service and maintenance of all lighting and control systems.

This allows us to protect the client’s initial investment by helping the system to continue to operate at its full potential. As a result, the client continues to benefit from maximum user experience and energy efficiency.


If you would like to know more about lighting control and the type of system that would suit your business, contact our team today.