Santander HQ Project

Santander HQ

Office Fitout
London, UK

Santander HQ

Eclipse worked closely with banking and finance giant, Santander to provide a lighting control system for Santander HQ in London and Dublin.

Our Work at Santander HQ


Project Description

Santander HQ in Dublin and London recently underwent significant refurbishments. During this process, the Eclipse team was brought in to upgrade the entire lighting control system, including across all seven floors of its live offices at Triton Square, London.

The client required custom control panels and a full graphical end user front end to make it accessible for a wide range of users.

The technology used on these office fit out projects included a Dynalite control system and a full DALI 2 control system with DALI 2 user interfaces.


Dynalite Control System

Dynalite develops complex, dependable, and energy-efficient lighting control systems for homes, businesses, hotels, stadiums, retail outlets, and other settings.

The Dynalite product line contains all necessary components, including sensors, load controllers, user interfaces, and luminaires, to guarantee flawless integration.

To increase ROI, productivity, and user comfort, it combines powerful functionality with aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly lighting control.



Building lighting applications employ the two-way DALI protocol for communication between lighting control devices such as electronic ballasts, brightness sensors, and motion detectors.


Project Delivery

Eclipse designed, supplied, and commissioned an entire system of lighting controls.

The final product delivered is a highly functional and cost-effective system that is also incredibly user-friendly. It offers high levels of comfort for the building occupants while also allowing maximum energy savings for the client.


If you would like to know more about lighting control and the type of system that would suit your business, contact our team today!