In recent years, Eclipse has established itself as a trusted partner for reliable, efficient, and highly accessible lighting controls and emergency lighting systems within the healthcare sector.


Effective, Reliable, Easy-to-Use Systems

For the healthcare sector, and hospitals, in particular, the importance of effective and reliable lighting controls and emergency lighting cannot be understated.

These systems must also be designed with easy-to-use graphical front ends, accessible to a wide range of users.

We design, supply, and commission the likes of Signify Philips Dynalite control systems for healthcare clients across Ireland, the UK, and Europe.


Emergency Lighting

Our unrivaled expertise in emergency lighting and emergency lighting testing positions us as the provider of choice for the healthcare sector.

In the event of an emergency and normal power failing, emergency lighting systems provide the illumination necessary to ensure safe evacuation.

Crucially, in a hospital setting, these systems can keep vital machines running during emergencies or power failures courtesy of their backup power solutions.

Read more about Emergency Lighting. 


Our Experience

We have completed many high-profile healthcare projects across Ireland, the UK, and Europe, working to ensure that they are equipped with safe and efficient lighting, emergency lighting, and control systems.

We complete all of our healthcare projects with the most current industry-leading products.

We are currently completing a major emergency lighting installation and maintenance project at University Hospital Waterford.

This is a highly significant project for the Eclipse team as it is our first time installing the state-of-the-art ABB Central Power Emergency Lighting Systems.

Our healthcare portfolio to date also includes.

  • St. James Hospital
  • VHI 360 Healthcare Centre
  • Sligo General Hospital
  • Wexford General Hospital
  • National Maternity Hospital
  • Peamount Healthcare


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