Public Realm

We believe in the ability of lighting to create experiences and completely transform a public space or building.

Public Realm

Seamless Lighting Experiences

At Eclipse, we understand the importance of building facade lighting, especially in the public realm where there are constantly people having some form of interaction with your building.

We ensure that clients can provide a seamless lighting experience for visitors by designing, commissioning, building, supplying, and maintaining control systems such as Pharos and Dynalite.


Our Experience

We have completed many high-profile projects in public buildings across Ireland, the UK, and Europe, working to ensure that they are equipped with safe and efficient lighting, emergency lighting, control systems, and attractive facade lighting.

We complete all of our public realm projects with the most current industry-leading projects.

Our work at the Irish Life Centre in Dublin saw us install a fully automated system that allows the client to set a full yearly schedule of lighting scenes and dynamic lighting shows.

Some other significant public-facing projects we have worked on include the Convention Centre Dublin and Donegall Place Belfast.

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