Mercy Hospital Cork Project

Mercy University Hospital Cork

Design, Commission
Cork, Ireland

Mercy University Hospital Cork

Continuing our vast experience in the healthcare sector, Eclipse completed a major lighting project at Mercy University Hospital Cork.

Our Work at Mercy University Hospital Cork


Project Description

Having recently expanded its main ward, Mercy University Hospital Cork contracted Eclipse to design, supply, and commission a full emergency lighting and control system to cover all areas of the new extension.

The technology used in this project included the ABB EMEX Power emergency lighting system and Dynalite control system.



The ABB EMEX Power is a modular AC/AC central power supply system used to provide first-rate emergency lighting and backup power solutions.

A robust and extremely reliable system, the high-quality electronics it employs ensures hassle-free maintenance and industry-leading performance.

Users can expect to benefit from running costs thanks to the system’s reliability and excellent energy efficiency.


Dynalite Control System

Dynalite develops complex, dependable, and energy-efficient lighting control systems for hospitals, homes, businesses, hotels, stadiums, retail outlets, and other settings.

The Dynalite product line contains all necessary components, including sensors, load controllers, user interfaces, and luminaires, to guarantee flawless integration.

To increase ROI, productivity, and user comfort, it combines powerful functionality with aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly lighting control.


Project Delivery

Eclipse worked with the client’s consultant engineer to design, supply, and commission the overall lighting, emergency lighting, central power, and control system.

Emergency lighting and efficient, dependable lighting controls are crucial for the healthcare industry, and hospitals in particular.

We also design these systems with easy-to-use graphical front ends so that they are accessible to a wide range of users.


If you would like to know more about lighting control and the type of system that would suit your business, contact our team today!